Marlowe User Interface (marlowe_ui)

Author: Takaaki AOKI <>
Version: 0.4.5
Date: 2016-02-19


About Malouwe User Interface

Marlowe User Interface (MUI) is support program for marlowe (a binary collision simulator, to desgin input data.

Programs, scripts and documents


Distributed packages

installation packages for windows are available at

  • marlowe_ui-(version)-win-amd64.exe

    Windows 64bit standalone

  • marlowe_ui-(version)-win32.exe

    Windows 32bit standalone

Python library and scripts for Unix and Mac are available at PyPI

Source code repository

Source code is maintaned at

Code is managed using mercurial ( So you can access the latest source code set by ...

hg clone


For windows, two options are available to setup this program. The second option is also available for unix or mac user.

Option 1: Use standalone package (for Windows)

Download marlowe_ui-(version)-win-amd64.exe at and run it. Softwares are expanded at appropriate place, such as C:\Program Files\marlowe_ui, and the shortcut is added on the start menu.

Option 2: Install as python script and package

The second option is that install marlowe_ui programs as package of python library


MUI version >= 0.3.0 is developed to run on python 3.4.2 (or above). Setup python core program from

Install from source code

Package sources is available at PyPI ( If you have already installed easy_install or pip, run

easy_install marlowe_ui

, or

pip install marlowe_ui

otherwise, download and expand marlowe_ui-(version).zip, and

python install